Ontario Ecotourism & Birdwatching

Eco-Tourism vacations are becoming a popular activity for family vacations as well as individuals or couples taking a trip. It is always an adventure to view birds and animals living undisturbed in remote areas as well as inhabiting the same land areas as humans.

Harris Hill Resort is a renowned area for birders, with 302 known species in the Rainy River Area. Please view our Bird Watching Section for all the species found here.  Go to our Download Section of our website to download your own copy of the Birder Checklist for the Rainy River Area.

There are also many wild animals that inhabit this area, Whitetail Deer, Timber Wolf, Coyotes, Fox,etc. Please view the wildlife viewing section for more information.

The flora or vegetation is also unique in this area. The colors are elaborite and fantastic to view in the fall due to the many different colors of leaves. Please view the section on Native Plantlife for additional information.

Harris Hill Resort is a member of The National Audubon Society – www.audubon.org  

Harris Hill Resort is a member of National Wildlife Federation – www.nwf.org

Harris Hill Resort is a member of Ducks Unlimited Canada – www.ducks.ca 


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