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Bear Hunts offered at our Hunting Lodge in Ontario – Black Bear Hunts in Canada by experienced Hunting Guides & Hunting Outfitters

Northwestern Ontario is noted for its successful Ontario Bear Hunting experiences.  The Black Bear population is estimated to be between 75,000 to 100,000 animals, one of the largest populations in North America.

 Black Bear Hunting Ontario Canada: Brown or Cinnamon phase of a Black Bear  Women & Couples come hunting for Black Bear too Bear Hunt Couples Rifle & Bow: Couples Bear Hunting Ontario                     

The Natural Resources Biologists tell us that Black Bear migrate to our private / exclusive black bear hunting area in large numbers from other areas miles and miles away. Perhaps it’s the abundance of berries, fruit trees in the area, or acorns that fall from the many Oak trees on our property that draw the bear here. It could be the large amount of vacated land with low pressure Black bear hunting here. Whatever the reason, you can almost choose your size and color of black bear on your Ontario hunting adventure.

Black Bear in Colour Phases - Blonde & Black harvested with Archery Equipment: Blonde, Cinnamon or Brown or Black - all colour phases of Black Bear.

Black Bear in Colour Phases

Blonde Bear harvested with a rifle & Black Bear harvested Bow Hunting with Archery Equipment

Brown or Cinnamon Bear Colour Phase, still a Black Bear: Sometimes seen during hunting season at Harris Hill Resort.

Brown or Cinnamon Bear Colour Phase, still a Black Bear.

Adult female Black Bear typically weigh between 130-230 pounds, while male Black Bears are typically between 200 and 400 pounds.

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Trophy Black Bear weighed in at 650 lb dressed weight.  Add at least another 50 - 70 lbs for live weight!Trophy Black Bear weighed in at 650 lb dressed weight


This is the largest black bear recorded in our large hunting area, a 650 lb dressed (already gutted) male Black Bear, and a 714 lb live weight, (whole bear, not gutted)bear was harvested nearby too. They are probably of very comparable size.

The Black Bear hunting opportunity is excellent at our Resort. This camp was almost exclusively a black bear hunting camp that offered “World Class Black Bear Hunts”, with success rates for Black Bear harvest always being high. This exclusive Black Bear Hunting Area is known to have a large bear population, with many bear of notable size and varying colors.

We sometimes can provide “natural bear hunts” with experienced professional black bear guides, and we also provide baited bear hunting sites that ensure an excellent opportunity of success for all bear hunters.

Our strategically placed bear stands are in carefully chosen spots within a good shooting range from our baits. Our Black Bear baits are active and are producing an influx of black bear to the sites. Your bear guide will take you to find a site of preference for you and your mode of hunting. You may choose your firearm: Archery or Bow, Rifle, Muzzle Loader or Black Powder. Whatever hunting site is chosen, an excellent opportunity awaits you to successfully harvest your trophy Black Bear.

Our Bear Hunting Resort has a large and exclusive Black Bear Hunting Area. No one else can hunt in it except our Black Bear Hunting Guests.No matter what method of hunt you choose, archery, muzzle loader or rifle, your experienced bear hunting guide will be there to help you find that trophy Black Bear you are searching for.

  • There has always been a High Success Rate for Black Bear harvest at this resort
  • Many Trophy Black Bear
  • Exclusive Low Pressure Bear Hunting Areas
  • We have a Large Exclusive Bear Hunting Area
  • Large Black Bear Population
  • There is alot of GovernmentLand and alot of private land here to Hunt for Bear in Close Vicinity
  • We only take a Limited number of Black Bear Hunters
  • We offer “Natural / FreeRange” Black Bear Huntingand also …
  • We have active maintained Bear Bait sites
  • We have Strategically placed Bear Hunting Stands
  • We have Specialty Sites for Archery Bear Hunters
  • Many bear have been seen of notable Size and Color
  • Colors of the Black Bear range from Blonde, to Cinnamon or to Brown, to Black
  • The Largest Bear that was harvested here was 650 lbs dressed
  • We have Knowledgeable and Experienced Bear Hunting Guides
  • We offer Transportation back & forth to your Bear Hunting site if required
  • We can Help Track & Retrieve your Trophy Black Bear if required
  • We can Help Dress your Trophy Bear if required
  • A place to Hang your Bear
  • Freezer Service for your Bear hide and Bear Meat
  • Help arranging professional Processing & Wrapping of your bear meat if requested
  • A Picture taken of you and your Trophy Balck Bear and a copy for you
  • Modern Comfortable Housekeeping Cabins
  • Deluxe 18′ Boats with 4-stroke Motors for Fishing or Waterfowl / Duck Hunting
  • Quality Home Cooked Meals & Great Coffee: “more than you can eat & drink” – American Plan
  • Great Hospitality, Friendly Atmosphere, Good Service
  • Massage Therapist on site -Therapeutic Body Massage & Foot Reflexology
    Wireless Internet capabilities 
  • Quality Black Bear Hunting Vacations at Affordable Prices

We are in Hunting Area 10.

Fall black bear hunting season runs from August 15th until the end of October,

our bear hunts are offered at end of August and in the beginning of  September.

Spring Bear Hunts are May 1 – June 15th

We do not do Spring Bear Hunts as we prefer the quality of the hides in the fall and the bear are not crawling with wood ticks.

Bear Guides do not hunt with you all day.


  • You may bring hunting rifles or shotguns into Ontario for hunting or competition purposes if you are 18 years of age or older.
  • Plus 200 rounds of ammunition for hunting or 1,500 rounds for use at a recognized shooting competition.
  • Firearms must be registered for a fee of $25.00 CDN (for all firearms).
  • Archery equipment may be brought across the border at no charge. You do not have to register them, however, you do have to mention that you are bringing them across.
  • All fully automatic weapons and handguns are prohibited.
  • Contact: 1-800-731-4000 or (705) 329-7662 or visit the Canadian Firearms Centre at
  • The printable non-resident firearm declaration form is available to view it and print it off, and have it completed before you get to the border.
  • The Non-Resident Firearms Declaration must be presented in triplicate, unsigned, to a customs officer at your first point of entry into Canada. 
    (Don’t sign it until you are at the Canadian border)

  • – Bow must have a draw weight of at least 22 kilograms (48.5 lb.) at a draw length of 700mm (27.6 in.) or less. Arrows must be at least 600 mm (23.6 in.) long and have at a minimum a 22 mm (0.87 in.) wide broadhead with at least two sharp cutting edges.

    – Crossbow must have a draw length of at least 300mm (11.8 in.) and a draw weight of at least 54 kilograms (119 lb.). Bolts at a minimum must have a 22 mm (0.87 in.) wide broadhead with at least two sharp cutting edges

Please View Each Separate Section for NON-RESIDENT Bear Hunts as well as RESIDENT Bear Hunts


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